AWS Cloud Licence Advisory

The business case for optimising software licensing before migrating workloads to AWS.

Why optimise licensing before moving to AWS?

Reduce costs: By moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS), you unlock the opportunity to license the actual compute used and can avoid the over-spend typically experienced with an on-premise model.

Avoid compliance breaches: Make sure you’re aware of contractual blockers and licensing restrictions and clean up any licensing exposures before you move, or risk facing costly compliance breaches.

Unlock the full potential of AWS: Significant improvements in all elements of computing offered by AWS provide an opportunity to reassess how your licence application and infrastructure software and get better performance in the cloud.

Why now?

Optimise before you move not after: If you’re planning to migrate workloads to AWS, licence advisory should be the first step to minimise risk, control costs, and understand the value of an AWS migration from a licensing perspective.

A move to AWS can trigger a vendor audit: Moving to a public cloud hyperscaler and away from a vendor’s cloud infrastructure can be a trigger for a software licence audit. Make sure you’re compliant and audit-ready.

Why Invictus Partners?

AWS certified partner: We are a certified AWS Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (OLA) partner and our team holds AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner and AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate badges.

Cloud licensing specialists: Our team of enterprise software licensing consultants have many decades of combined experience advising on software licence optimisation across on-premise, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS environments. We can help you optimise licensing structures for hybrid and public clouds and ensure contractual compliance when moving to AWS.

Holistic approach: We offer a 360-degree view of all elements of cloud engagements between software vendors, cloud providers, and system integrators.

Potential cost reduction by optimisation of software licensing with no performance degradation.

Unlock the ability to move your workloads to an AWS environment.

Gain insights into the software products and versions deployed across your organisation.

Validation of options to move AWS-native services.

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Migrating to AWS as part of a third-party cloud strategy.

Significant improvements in all elements of compute offered by AWS provide an opportunity for organisations to reassess how they licence applications and infrastructure specifically for AWS to get better performance, while potentially reducing licence costs ongoing.

Before adopting AWS as part of a third-party cloud strategy, organisations need to ensure existing software licences can easily be transferred to the AWS cloud environment. Furthermore, in order to minimise the risk of non-compliance and help contain cloud-related costs, a full licence review should be undertaken to optimise licensing structures for AWS and decommission any licences not needed under the new model. Each software vendor has different contractual terms and licensing structures, which need to be considered in the context of a move to AWS.

Oracle licensing on AWS

By moving to a cloud infrastructure model, Oracle Database clients unlock the opportunity to license the actual compute and can avoid the over-spend typically experienced with an on-premise model, which requires all processors to be licensed, regardless of usage.

Invictus Partners helps ensure that Oracle licensing is optimised ahead of the move and ongoing. Gaining a clear position of exactly which Oracle licences are being used versus contractual entitlements is a foundational step for helping mitigate unforeseen cloud costs and unlocking the full potential of Oracle on AWS. Oracle is very strict on licence compliance during cloud migrations, and organisations that aren’t moving to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are particularly vulnerable to being audited.

Invictus Partners has performed hundreds of Oracle reviews for clients across the globe. These reviews have set organisations up to move Oracle workloads to the cloud and optimise their Oracle licence spend. 

Certified AWS OLA Partner for Oracle Database

As a certified AWS Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (OLA) partner for Oracle Database, Invictus Partners conducts zero-cost OLAs under the AWS OLAP program. At no cost to your organisation, we can advise on how you can optimise your Oracle Database licensing for AWS.

Download our datasheet: Oracle Database migration to AWS Cloud

Microsoft licensing on AWS

As you’re planning a migration of your Microsoft servers to AWS, it is important to understand the value of Microsoft Licence Mobility. If your organisation has a significant investment in Microsoft Windows and SQL Server on-premise licences you can potentially leverage those licences on AWS without additional Microsoft licensing fees, subject to having the right licence types. However, this does not always work out to be most cost-effective and there are also nuances to be aware of. For example, Subscription Windows Server licences lose eligibility for deployment on AWS at subscription renewal. Invictus Partners can do a full review of your Microsoft licensing and recommend the best options for migrating Microsoft workloads to AWS so as to ensure compliance and optimise your Microsoft total cost of ownership.

IBM licensing on AWS

With a Bring Your Own Software Licence (BYOSL) model for AWS, IBM has generous licensing terms when it comes to cloud portability compared to many other software vendors. This allows you to use the on-premise licences you already own under the International Passport Advantage (IPAA) and International Program Licence Agreement (IPLA). However, just because you can move your IBM licences across to AWS does not mean you need to. Invictus Partners can help you rightsize your IBM licensing for AWS and optimise your IBM licence management ongoing. IBM can be litigious if its authorised tools are not used for the measurement of licence usage in virtualised environments.

SAP licensing on AWS

Most SAP application licensing is easily transportable to an AWS public cloud environment with a few exceptions. The majority of SAP solutions that can be run on AWS use the BYOL (Bring Your Own Licence) model. Invictus Partners can help you with the licence-to-cloud transition and ensure you are compliant with SAP licensing policies pre- and post-migration.

Download our Cloud Licence Advisory Services datasheet

Cloud based software license management datasheet

Download our Cloud Licence Advisory Services datasheet

IT software license management process

Our AWS Licence Advisory Service breakdown:

We advise clients on how to prepare and successfully migrate software licences to AWS environments, so as to minimise risk and optimise costs, regardless of the software and infrastructure workloads you’re moving. Our AWS Licence Advisory services are international, with clients across Europe, the Middle East, Australia, the UK, and the US.

We can provide expert licensing advice before, during, and/or after your move to AWS. We do this in three phases, which are available as an end-to-end service, or as separate engagements.

Phase 1

AWS Optimisation and Licensing Assessment

Phase 2

AWS Migration

Phase 3

Vendor Negotiation Advisory

Phase 1

AWS Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (OLA)

The first and most important step in migrating your workloads to AWS is a comprehensive review of your current software contracts and licensing position to assess your usage versus entitlements. This enables you to identify where you may need to restructure and/or re-negotiate licensing terms for your AWS environment so that you can ensure compliance with your software vendors, as well as optimise your AWS licensing costs.

There are four steps in the AWS OLA process:

Optimisation and Licence Assessment

Assess consumption, cost, and provisioning of your workloads on-premise and in AWS.

Scope Workloads

Determine prospective workloads to optimise.

Collect Data

Collect utilisation data for workloads.


Analyse the data to model cost and optimisations scenarios.


Review the results of your and build your business case or start a migration proof of concept.

Start building your AWS business case today with an AWS OLA. As a certified AWS OLA partner for Oracle Database can offer Oracle clients this service at zero cost, funded by the AWS OLA Program.

Phase 2

AWS Migration Strategy Roadmap

We work with you to develop a roadmap that considers all aspects of your data and applications; which workloads and applications to migrate to AWS, the best approach for the platform migration (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), planning and prioritising, accountabilities and governance, contractual and entitlement mapping, reporting and measuring success parameters.

Phase 3

Vendor Negotiation Advisory

We can guide you to negotiate optimal software contract terms with your vendors ahead of moving your workloads to AWS so that you remain compliant before, during, and after the move. We provide benchmarking advice in relation to pricing and terms and can participate in negotiations with vendors to secure you the best deal.

The Invictus Partners difference: AWS Licensing Migration Services

Invictus Partners is a specialist enterprise software advisory firm that specialises in providing independent, expert licensing advice to organisations looking to move their critical business applications and infrastructure to an AWS public cloud. Our team has many decades of combined experience advising on software licence optimisation across on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments.

We are AWS certified including:

  • AWS Optimisation and Licensing Assessment (OLA) partner
  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate.

Invictus Partners’ role is to advocate for the best interest of our clients by providing impartial facts, informed insights, and realities by reviewing and analysing software vendors’ licensing terms, agreement structures, and release information. We don’t resell or implement software or cloud solutions, so our advisory is based solely on your needs and goals.

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Case Study

Racing and Wagering Western Australia ensures Oracle Database licensing compliance ahead of moving to AWS

Reduce Oracle licence costs and respond to Oracle LMS audit

Case Study

Racing and Wagering Western Australia ensures Oracle Database licensing compliance ahead of moving to AWS

Reduce Oracle licence costs and respond to Oracle LMS audit

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