Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Licence Advisory

The business case for optimising software licensing before you migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Why optimise licensing before moving to OCI?

Migrate smarter: Don’t move across licences you don’t use. Find your organisation’s optimal cost, licensing and consumption models for OCI. Reduce current licence spend, avoid cloud cost blow-out and non-compliance fines.
Ensure compliance: Make sure you’re aware of contractual blockers and licensing restrictions and clean up any compliance issues before you move to avoid costly penalties.

Get more value out of OCI: Reviewing and optimising your existing Oracle licences is a foundational step to mitigate unforeseen cloud costs and unlock the full potential of OCI.

Why now?

Optimise before you move, not after: Licence advisory should be the first step to minimise risk and understand the value of an OCI migration from a licensing perspective.
Renegotiate contracts: Stop overspending on software. Use your OCI migration as an opportunity to reassess vendor contracts and negotiate a better deal.

Higher chance of being audited: A move to OCI can trigger a vendor audit, especially from the vendors you’re moving away from. Make sure you’re compliant and audit-ready.

Why Invictus Partners?

We know Oracle: To truly understand OCI, you need to understand Oracle. With our deep knowledge of Oracle’s licensing models, contractual nuances, sales processes and negotiation strategies, we can cut through the BS and help you focus on what really matters.

Cloud licensing expertise: Our team has many decades of combined experience advising on software licence optimisation across on-premise, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS environments. We can help you optimise existing licensing structures without compromising your compliance when moving to OCI.
Holistic approach: We offer a 360-degree view of all elements of cloud engagements between software vendors, cloud providers, and system integrators.

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Independent advice on Oracle cloud licensing to help you migrate to OCI without breaking the bank (or your contracts).

Moving your Oracle workloads to OCI might keep Oracle happy, but it won’t necessarily keep you compliant. If you’re serious about saving money (and your sanity), you need to be familiar with the licensing ramifications of shifting your on-premise Oracle software to Oracle’s cloud platform

Oracle licence migration to OCI

OCI can be a compelling option for Oracle-heavy organisations, with the much-touted benefits including more predictable pricing and superior performance. Oracle’s flexible cloud licensing models are a particularly attractive proposition for organisations wanting to keep their options open, but the cost of this flexibility is complexity. In reality, many organisations find themselves burdened by bill shock and feeling more locked in than ever after moving to OCI.


Invictus Partners can help you make sense of the myriad of OCI licensing terms and options, as well as provide advice on which Oracle products can be redeployed in OCI within existing licensing terms, and where you can negotiate with Oracle to enhance your licensing position for the OCI instance. Our Cloud Licensing experts are skilled at decoding Oracle’s contract language and “sales speak”

to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting into when you sign up to Oracle’s cloud.

Migration to Oracle Cloud as part of a third-party cloud strategy.

Licensing Microsoft on OCI

Microsoft and Oracle have forged a strategic partnership that has resulted in direct connectivity between Azure and OCI in many regions, and better licence portability between the two vendors. The two companies have even released a joint offering, Oracle Database Service for Microsoft Azure, a fully-managed service for Azure customers to use Oracle databases on OCI.

But while this has afforded Microsoft customers a less obstacle-ridden path to OCI, the licensing remains as complex as ever. Our team can assist in optimising your Microsoft licensing ahead of a move to OCI and ongoing.

Licensing SAP on OCI

SAP customers can run mission-critical applications in OCI using a BYOL model. Invictus Partners can optimise your SAP software licensing footprint for OCI, and ensure you manage compliance risks and prevent cost blowouts during the migration.

Licensing IBM on OCI

IBM allows its customers to transfer on-premise licences to OCI on a BYOL basis, as long as this is in line with the terms of existing IPAA/IPLA agreements. Invictus Partners can help optimise your IBM licensing ahead of a move to OCI to ensure you avoid excess costs.

Our Oracle Cloud Migration Licence Advisory Service breakdown:

We can provide expert licensing advice before, during and/or after your move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We do this in three phases, which are available as an end-to-end service, or as separate engagements.

Phase 1

Pre-Migration Licence Assessment

Phase 2

OCI Migration

Phase 3

Vendor Negotiation Advisory

Oracle on-premise to cloud migration

Phase 1

Oracle Cloud Pre-Migration Assessment

A Pre-Migration Licence Assessment establishes your organisation’s Oracle licence baseline and sets the foundation to plan your future cloud state. Our team conducts a comprehensive review of your Oracle licensing footprint, giving you a clear position of which Oracle licences are being used versus contractual entitlements.

This process enables us to detect (and remediate) any non-compliance exposures, as well as uncover where you may need to restructure and/or renegotiate licensing terms with Oracle for optimal deployment in the cloud.

Phase 2

Oracle Cloud Migration Strategy

Our Cloud Licensing specialists work with your team to develop an OCI migration roadmap that outlines which workloads and applications to migrate, the most suitable approach for the platform migration (IaaS, PaaS or SaaS) and the most cost-effective OCI licensing options. We map the allocated workloads to their optimal destinations in OCI, ensuring you have a clear and cost-optimised plan for your migration.

Once the migration kicks off, we can also assist you to stay compliant with Oracle licensing requirements by monitoring the deployment of allocated licences in OCI. When the migration is complete, we will provide you with a documented overview of how your organisation’s Oracle licence usage has evolved throughout the project.

Phase 3

Vendor Negotiation Advisory

Our team can assist in negotiating optimal contract terms with your software vendors ahead of an OCI migration. We provide benchmarking advice in relation to pricing and terms and can participate in vendor negotiations (or conduct them on your behalf) to secure you the best deal.

We can also assist you in negotiating your cloud agreement with Oracle to ensure you secure the best-possible terms and conditions for your organisation’s needs and budget.

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Cloud based software license management datasheet

The Invictus Partners difference: Independent Oracle Cloud Consulting Services

Invictus Partners is a vendor-agnostic software licence advisory firm. We don’t have ties to Oracle or any other vendor, so we can offer neutral and independent Cloud Licensing advice. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is just one facet of our Cloud Licence Advisory; we work across all the major cloud providers, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), RISE with SAP, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud. Our independent business model ensures we always act in our clients’ best interests, providing impartial facts and informed insights. Whether you want to move to Oracle’s cloud or a third-party platform, we empower our clients to make decisions based on what’s best for them, not what’s best for Oracle.

Our team has a firm understanding of the key contractual and technical aspects of OCI, and we know how to make the most of Oracle’s cloud licensing options, discounts and support rewards. But the core of our business is vendor-specific – not cloud-specific – expertise. Invictus Partners has performed hundreds of Oracle reviews for clients across the globe. These reviews have set organisations up to move Oracle workloads to the cloud, optimise their Oracle licence spend, prepared them to actively defend an audit, or move to a third-party support provider. Our intimate knowledge of Oracle positions us well to assist enterprises in their OCI journey, whether as a cloud of choice or as part of a multi-cloud strategy.

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