Software Licence Management

The business case for Software Licence Management solutions.

Why licence management?

Licence complexity: Complicated contracts, shadow IT and clandestine processes have resulted in organisations lacking insight into their software footprint and suffering from licence sprawl.

Risk mitigation: Many organisations are unknowingly non-compliant. Make sure you’re aware of the “gotchas” and clean up any licensing exposures ahead of time.
Knowledge is power: A clear view of software usage versus contractual entitlements arms you with the insights needed to get back on top with your vendors.

Why now?

Rising vendor audits: 52% of organisations have been audited more than twice in the past 18 months.The risk is even higher if you move to a hyperscaler cloud platform or Third-Party Support.

Tightening economy: The global economic outlook is among the weakest in decades and organisational cost drivers are accelerating.
Digital transformation: As organisations digitise, it’s more important than ever to measure software usage and compliance in real time. If you’re not compliant with licensing, cutting back on your spend with the vendor, or not adopting their roadmap, you have a target on your back.

Why Invictus Partners?

Proven results: We’ve saved our clients more than $825 million in enterprise software costs since 2014.

Extensive experience: We have deep knowledge of each vendor’s unique licensing models, contractual nuances, sales processes and negotiation strategies.

Vendor-agnostic: We are objective advisors that do not resell, audit or implement software. We don’t have a vested interest in any solution, so our advisory is based solely on your needs and goals.

20-30% of a typical annual enterprise IT budget is dedicated to software.

30% less spend by applying basic licence optimisation best practices.

93% of clients save money
by getting a handle on usage
before an audit.

“Invictus Partners includes a number of former senior IBM team members who have extensive knowledge of the vendor’s licensing structure. We also leaned heavily on Invictus Partners’ knowledge of Oracle licensing to answer questions from the vendor, prepare reports and undertake renewals.”

Heidy Liu, Head of Service Delivery, NSW Land Registry Services.

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Our Software Licence Management Service breakdown:

Our Software Licence Management Service breakdown:

Phase 1

Software Licence
Health Check

Phase 2

Contract Negotiation Advisory

We can provide expert licensing advice at any point along your software journey. We do this in two phases, which are available as an end-to-end service or as separate engagements.​

Phase 1

Software Licence Health Check

We implement an effective review of your current licence position, following the same process and interpretations of agreements as vendor compliance teams. Covering your entire software footprint, we compare usage with entitlements to identify any exposures. Once you have a clear understanding of any exposure or contractual limitations, we develop the most effective remediation or optimisation strategy for you and guide you through the process. In this stage, we can also review contracts for any clauses that may prevent you from moving your licences into cloud environments or onto a Third-Party Support model.

Phase 2

Contract Negotiation Advisory

Invictus Partners’ experience in vendor negotiations enables us to know what is an optimal compliance and commercial position based on the current state of your software environment. We can identify the best licensing and contractual terms for your organisation, conduct price benchmarking, and help you negotiate with the vendor to achieve the desired outcomes.

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IT software license management process

Global software vendor licence management for SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and more.

Many of our licensing experts are ex-big four enterprise software vendor executives with deep knowledge of each vendor’s unique licensing structures, sales, audit and support processes. In addition we provide software licence advisory around Autodesk, Infor, Red Hat, Salesforce, VMware and more. We help organisations around the world manage their licences, with clients across Europe, the Middle East, Australia, the UK and the US.

Oracle Licence Management

Many organisations have made significant investments in Oracle products over the years, resulting in a diverse footprint across multiple Oracle portfolios. This leads to complexity in managing licensing as well as high support and renewal costs.

Invictus Partners can demystify the complexity of Oracle’s licensing terms and options and help you mitigate licence compliance risk. We have extensive knowledge of the inner workings of Oracle, with licensing specialists who are former Oracle executives, licence contract and compliance auditors, and business practice and policies managers.

Microsoft Licence Management

Microsoft’s licensing models and metrics are vague and always changing, making it difficult for organisations to work out their optimal mix. The three-year Enterprise Agreements and sheer scale in terms of numbers of users mean most organisations are paying much more than is necessary.

Most organisations are unsure how to push Microsoft without upsetting the broader relationship, and consequently feel powerless and overrun in their dealings. Invictus Partners can bring clarity and understanding to the costly and complex business imperative of Microsoft licensing.

SAP Licence Management

SAP’s licensing structures have changed more often than other vendors’, with usage rights updated on a quarterly basis. If your organisation has been with SAP for a long time, it can be difficult to work out the usage rights from what you had purchased years ago, leaving you at risk of exposure.

Invictus Partners can help you conduct scenario analysis on licensing, perform audit assessments, and assist with negotiation strategies to ensure you have the best SAP software and licensing models in place to enable your organisation to grow and evolve.

IBM Licence Management

IBM is one of the most complex software vendors to
manage. With over 200 licensing metrics and continually changing requirements, it can be difficult for organisations to keep on top of their rights and obligations.

Invictus Partners can help you with all aspects of your IBM software licensing and the seemingly inevitable audit challenges. Proactive action is key to minimising your risk of significant financial penalties from when the IBM auditors come knocking.

Are you getting screwed by your software vendor?

Get back on top.

The Invictus Partners difference: Enterprise Software Licence Management

Invictus Partners understands the intricacies and complexities of software licensing. The best way to navigate this maze is to fully understand the vendor, their drivers, methodologies, and interpretations. With our team’s average tenure of 25+ years of vendor experience, we are equipped to guide your organisation through the challenges and complications of these business-critical processes.

We work with you to minimise the impact of a software licence review and provide effective solutions for any over- or under-deployments. We significantly reduce the stress and hours involved in managing the review process and use our extensive knowledge and experience of software vendor licences and processes to streamline and deliver the best-possible business outcome for your organisation.

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