Software Licence Optimisation

Optimise licences to optimise software spend.

Why licence optimisation?

Knowledge is power: Get on the front foot with vendors and strengthen your negotiating power with a clear view of your licensing position.
Cost control: Stop paying for unused “shelfware” and renegotiate contracts to reflect what you actually need. Licence optimisation ensures your organisation is using everything it’s paying for and paying for everything it’s using.
Risk mitigation: Licence optimisation doubles as a compliance exercise, lowering your risk of contract breaches, fines, and costly true-ups.

Why now?

Rising vendor audits: 52% of organisations have been audited more than twice in the past 18 months. With licence optimisation, you’re always audit-ready.
Time is money: Don’t wait for the renewal bill to come – get the optimisation process started now so you can negotiate from a position of power with vendors
Tightening economy: The global economic outlook is among the weakest in decades and organisational cost drivers are accelerating. Optimisation finds savings in what you already have.

Why Invictus Partners?

Proven results: We’ve saved our clients more than $825 million through licence optimisation activities since 2014.
Extensive experience: We have deep knowledge of each vendor’s unique licensing models, contractual nuances, sales processes, and negotiation strategies.
Vendor-agnostic: We are objective advisors that do not resell, audit, or implement software, so we can help you discover (or rediscover) the value of your licences across all vendors.

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Software as a % of a typical annual
IT budget.

30% reduction in spend. Reduce spending by applying basic software licence optimisation best practices.
93% of clients can save money by getting a handle on usage before an audit.
“We’ve worked very closely with Invictus Partners to manage our licensing costs. We turned off a number of products that were no longer relevant to our business when we moved to the cloud, and we are continuing work on a roadmap for those products that remain.”

Heidy Liu, Head of Service Delivery, NSW Land Registry Services.

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IT software license management process

Licence optimisation best practices across all software vendors.

We provide Software Licence Optimisation services across all vendors and help organisations all around the world discover the value in their licensing, with clients across Europe, the Middle East, Australia, the UK, and the US.

Oracle Licence Optimisation

From Oracle Database, Middleware, and Java, through to Oracle Applications including E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, Hyperion, etc., and Oracle Cloud offerings including Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Fusion Cloud, Invictus Partners demystifies Oracle’s complex licensing terms and options. We examine your environment to determine which, if any, licences can be canceled and identify opportunities to reduce annual spend on Oracle support and maintenance, walking you through the process to realise these savings.

SAP Licence Optimisation

Invictus Partners helps ensure your organisation’s SAP licensing is optimised across all users at any point in time. Whether you use SAP ECC (ERP Central Component), S/4HANA, RISE with SAP, or other cloud offerings like SAP SuccessFactors, Concur, Ariba, or BTP (Business Technology Platform), we analyse usage data to determine how licences are being used in your organisation, reveal where there is overspend and overconsumption, and optimise your SAP licensing environment accordingly.

Microsoft Licence Optimisation

Microsoft End User Compute, and Microsoft 365 licences in particular, can significantly add to your organisation’s overhead if not managed properly. In addition, Microsoft Azure, Dynamics, and the various Microsoft support agreements can create added complexities. Invictus Partners helps you to understand user requirements before assigning employees licences and identifies inactive users to optimise licensing.

IBM Licence Management

Optimising your IBM estate and remaining compliant can be challenging. Whether your organisation runs IBM Middleware or any of the products IBM sold to HCL, Invictus Partners provides advice on how to meet obligations set down by IBM in the Passport Advantage contractual requirements, whilst reducing ongoing software costs.

Our Software Licence Optimisation Service breakdown:

Our Software Licence Optimisation Service breakdown:

Phase 1

Software Licence Health Check

Phase 2

Consolidation &

We can provide expert licensing advice at any point along your optimisation journey. We do this in two phases, which are available as an end-to-end service, or as separate engagements.

Phase 1

Software Licence Health Check

We conduct a contractual and infrastructure review to determine your organisation’s actual usage versus entitlements and the relevance of your software assets – what is no longer needed and where the deficits are. This process identifies any over-deployment or non-compliance challenges to be addressed.

Phase 2

Consolidation & Optimisation

Our optimisation principles ensure you are contracting on the best value licensing models and arrangements, covering everything from the right number of users through to the relevant processor requirements for your organisation while complying with vendors’ usage terms and conditions.

The Invictus Partners difference: Licence Optimisation Solutions

The Invictus Partners team has extensive knowledge of vendors’ licensing rules, business practices, negotiation and contract strategies, and approval processes. We offer multi-vendor licence advisory to help you evaluate your software portfolio and identify where and how you can optimise your licence support based on vendors’ unique terms. This is achieved without increasing your remaining support costs and keeping you compliant throughout the process.

Invictus Partners’ optimisation principles ensure you are contracting on the best value licensing models and arrangements, covering everything from the right number of users through to the relevant processor requirements for your organisation while complying with vendors’ usage terms and conditions. Our mission is to ensure you get the greatest value, usage, and insights from what you already have. This sets the foundation for filling any service gaps, over-licensing issues, and other potential compliance challenges you face now or in the future.

We’ll collaborate with your team to best understand your implementations, systems, and baseline data metrics to inform and empower your decision-making. Our extensive yet non-intrusive process minimises operational impact while delivering valuable insights and improved performance.

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