Vendor-Specific Licence Advisory

Your organisation needs software licensing consultants with vendor-specific expertise.

Why vendor-specific advisory?

Each vendor is different: Each software vendor’s unique product licensing structures, processes, contracts, and compliance requirements have intricacies and nuances that need to be clearly understood to ensure ongoing software compliance and cost optimisation.

Cost control: Each vendor has areas of “low-hanging fruit” When it comes to optimising software spending it’s important to know what they are so you can find cost savings of 10-25% in what you already have.

Risk mitigation: Many organisations are non-compliant without knowing. Make sure you’re aware of each vendor’s “gotchas” and clean up any licensing exposures before they become a problem. Better performance in the cloud

Why now?

Rising vendor audits: 52% of organisations have been audited more than twice in the past 18 months. Reduce your audit risk by proactively optimising your software assets and ensuring you adhere to each vendor’s unique audit and compliance requirements.

Tightening economy: The global economic outlook is among the weakest in decades and organisational cost drivers are accelerating. Many vendors are looking to make more money from their existing client bases as new sales revenue slows. Get on the front foot with each of your vendors.

Why Invictus Partners?

Proven results: We’ve saved our clients more than $825 million in enterprise software costs since 2014.

Extensive experience: We work across all vendors, including SAP, Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft, and have deep knowledge of each vendor’s unique licensing models, contractual nuances, sales processes, and negotiation strategies.
Vendor-agnostic: We are objective advisors that do not resell, audit or implement software. We don’t have a vested interest in any particular vendor or solution, so our advice is based solely on your needs and goals.

Relationship management: We help you get the best deal for your organisation, whilst ensuring you maintain good relations with your software vendors. We can help you move from transactional to value-based vendor relationships.

NSW Land Registry Services needed a partner to address the software licensing ramifications of their shift to AWS. Invictus Partners conducted a full review of licences for all enterprise software products in use, including IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Red Hat, HCL Tech and SAP.

Software Licence & Asset Management for Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, IBM and more.

Whether you’re a single-vendor or multi-vendor shop, Invictus Partners can help you optimise your spend, maximise your return on investment and maintain compliance with vendor-specific advisory.


We provide specialised vendor-specific support including:

  • Software audit and compliance support
  • Contract negotiation/renegotiation assistance
  • Software licence optimisation advisory
  • Software asset management services
  • Licence advice when transitioning off vendor support
  • Cloud migration licence advisory
  • Digital transformation and next-gen ERP advisory.

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“Invictus Partners combines world-class service with deep knowledge of how products from major vendors work. The team members go above and beyond to answer our questions, take full ownership, and complete their work to a very high standard. Invictus Partners is now very much a strategic partner”

Heidy Liu, Head of Service Delivery, NSW Land Registry Services.

The Invictus Partners difference: Vendor-specific Software & Licensing Advisory

The best way to navigate the enterprise software maze is to fully understand each vendor, their drivers, products, roadmaps, licensing structures, renewals and compliance processes. Most organisations don’t have the time, resources or inclination to stay across the myriad of changing vendor terms, conditions, processes and offerings. With our team’s average tenure being 25+ years of vendor experience, we’re here to help guide your team through the challenges and complications of dealing with software vendors.

We do not have stakes in any software vendors and firmly believe that this independence empowers both our business and our clients’. Our SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAM and ERP advisory capabilities complement and enhance the efficiency and resourcing within an organisation, always ensuring the best possible outcome. We effectively assist clients through the entire software lifecycle, from licence purchase through to management and optimisation of their investments.

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